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Welcome to - your home for Christian acappella lyrics and info since 1999.  The site is written by The Acadisc Team and is the Official Lyrics Site of The Acappella Company.  Our goal is to glorify God by promoting music about Him.

Album Directory Listing of all known Christian acappella albums with links to Acadiscs
Song Directory Listing of songs with available lyrics within the Acadiscs
Scripture Directory   Listing of scriptures that relate to songs contained within the Acadiscs
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Currently there are 774 albums (165 with full lyrics) listed by 199 different groups/series.
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Additions/corrections can be addressed to Ken by email. All lyrics appear with the consent of the artists (where available) and the arists should be consulted if you plan to use the lyrics printed on this site for any purpose.  If you own the rights to a song's lyrics and do not wish for it to appear on this page, please email Ken.

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